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These Movies Could Be Your Life

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Monday, February 7th, 2005
6:00 pm

Hey, I'm Abby, new the community

OK, so I just saw "In Hell" with JCVD (Jean-Claud Vann Damme). Probably the best movie that he did, but then again...that's not saying much.

The movie (made in 2003) is basically Shawshank Redemption part 2 with planning fightings for the entertainment of the guards and governer of Russia. Classic case of a young man who kills the man who brutally raped and murdered his wife (but was found not guilty) during a stay in Russia and is thrown into a corrupt Russian prison.

My main focus tho, was on the supporting character "Billy," the good-looking boy who got the shitty end of every deal in the prison. So far he's only been in two other movies, but B-movies and one of them a straighttovideo movie. Sadly, while I try to find pictures of him, I find only one on imdb.com (aka the holy grail of movie fanatics).

Also, I just want to say that everyone should rent "Quills." This isn't a plain movie more than an indie flick that not a lot of people saw. But that movie (lead actor: Joaquin Pheonix - the movie that started my obsession with this actor) is amazing and so far only one person I know has seen it.

Final note, has anyone seen The 24th Day (starring James Marsden)? I've heard of it, want to see it, and of course Blockbuster won't have it. Before I waist twenty or so dollars, how good is the movie?

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Friday, August 20th, 2004
10:45 pm

OK, I've moved and have quite different access to movies. Better selection, but nothing free. Still, $1.00 per movie isn't bad!

I've seen a load of random everyday movies, and forgot most of what I was going to talk about. I caught "Unmarried Woman" (maybe there's an AN or a THE at the beginning of that) at like 6:30 on AMC, and I enjoyed it! Well, I really only saw the beginning and middle. I felt really bad for the main character, and enjoyed the urban take on love and marriage and the air of sophistication, adultery in eighties New York. I really enjoyed feeling bad as I watched it! Is that wrong?

One thing I really hate but sort of like sickly is feeling awful for characters, but in a different way- when characters make me cringe. When characters do something completely embarassing but are oblivious to it. I like movies that crystallize my internal organs and shake me for the rest of the day.

Oh, though Lost in Translation makes me feel bad...

Does anyone know of any good movies like this? Nothing cheesy like Saving Private Ryan...

Also, I caught this horror movie Sleepaway Camp, which wasn't like how I generally perceive horror movies...no weird facial effects or masks, just people dying at random and a way fucked up ending. Anyone have any recommendations for other 'horror' like movies that don't suck!?

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
7:17 pm

anyone know where i can get a copy of the forbidden zone?

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Monday, June 28th, 2004
5:28 pm - Check these out:

To Live:

A fantastic story about a Chinese family living during Mao era communism. The movie begins with the communist revolution and progresses through Mao's "Great Leap Forward". A variety of sub-plots exist, but the main story of the family struggling towards a utopian society through Marx's supposed communist evolution is what makes this movie great. On a side note, the director of this movie was, due to his unflattering portrayal of communism, banned from making movies in China for two years after this film was released.

City of God:

This movie is a true story about a group of teenagers that live in the violent slums of Rio de Janeiro. This movie has a great story which involves organized crime and the brutality of the Brazilian city's slums. The cinematography is also great; it has quirkiness not unlike Pulp Fiction. I'd go into more detail, but this last line is never read; though I do keep changing it for fun.

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
8:21 am

Recent viewing...


I remember hearing about this one when it came out, and stumbled upon it at the library. Weird, because I thought it came out later than 1996. I completely forgot about it, and Spike Lee, who's made a lot of movies I enjoy. This one was good too...It follows a bus from LA to DC where the Million Man March is taking place, an opportunity for black men to gather, organize, discuss and try to solve common problems, and so forth, centering around the theme of unity. We see a busload of men, young and old, some religious, gay, arrogant, 'white', and so forth. On the journey they talk about their lives, they bond, they clash, and have to deal with others- waiters in Tennessee, vengeful cops, etc. I enjoyed it and the various characters, and the ending has a kind of twist, in that rather than focusing on the unity brought on by attending the march, it focuses on the unity of the busload of men, and their shared experience of travelling across the country for a cause...good stuff.


I rented this one because it said on the cover something about John Hughes, and all of his movies are so popular- Pretty in Pink, Breakfast Club, etc., and always on TV but I had never even heard of this one. Well, it's pretty standard teen/highschool stuff, centering around a guy wanting to go out with the school knockout. His best pal, a chick drummer keeps telling him she'll never say yes, but after...well...shit, don't want to spoil the plot, but it's pretty standard. It's funny, the main character is an artist, it got me thinking about how movies always portray "artistic" people, and his friend was "punk"- a total fashion victim awful drummer...very standard, plain movie that was enjoyable...relatively.


The other morning I was like, "man, I haven't seen Buffalo '66 in awhile," and so I went to the library, they had it, I rented it, and watched it. Cool. I love the beginning, Gallo trying to find a place to piss in his red shoes...the interactions with his parents...I haven't been bowling in over a year, damn. My dad saw it too, he said it was "weird" but he liked the ending.

That's it...there were more but I forgot which ones...I also saw Ordinary People but it came off like a made for TV movie, which BLOW! But movies that are played on TV are good stuff, of course.

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
1:13 pm

three words... Dean effing Caine.

so bad at movies, he's good!


current mood: amused

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6:07 am - Movies...

Uh... there was this bad movie on last night about this guy and his crazy girlfriend and they take this agoraphobic woman hostage and try to get a diamond from her... it wasn't very good, but I kept watching it...

The Hours is great. I'm gonna watch Frida pretty soon.

And All About Lily Chou-Chou is the best movie ever. Just kids screwing around.

And.. oh yeah.. KIDS, totally sucks. I want to beat the shit out of all those stupid kids.

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Monday, June 7th, 2004
6:29 am - welcome

OK folks. It all started when I acquired a TV that had no antennae, and with nothing to watch I started to take advantage of my local library that offers free video rentals. I've always loved movies, but am cheap too, so rather than going to the theatre to see an iffy film, I'd just find one on TV, flipping through the channels and finding one in its middle. This is still fun when I visit my family or friends with functioning TVs, but as an alternative I've been gobbling up random videos from my library's plentiful but limited collection.

I started renting movies I thought I'd never watch, and enjoyed some of them. Or I'd have a list in my head of things I'd want to check out but they'd be gone or I'd forget the mental list completely and just go for anything- often taking out the 4 video limit with all titles from the same letter.

It's fun, what can I say...so I decided to create a community to talk about these movies, and to get recommendations for stuff to check out, of course.

More recently I got on this 90's kick, because I kept seeing videos at the library I remembered coming out but never went to see. They have loads of these also, I think because it was during the 1990s that most libraries started collecting non-educational or non-'essential' films. I dug Singles, Reality Bites, checked out some of the View Askew productions which I thought were largely crap, especially DOGMA, which sucked! I hate religion in films mostly- except for uh...this movie Household Saints, it featured Lili Taylor as this spiritual daughter, Vincent D'Nofrio was in it...I like both of them as actors, I rented Mystic Pizza because I'd always see parts of it on TV, and it was cool to see it all together, and then I saw Dogfight in the racks and rented it because Lili Taylor was in it and so was River Phoenix, who for some reason I forgot about entirely but now am trying to rent all of his movies...most of them aren't very good. In the fall I rented Stand By Me because I'd hear people mention it and not know what it was about or even what River Phoenix looked like though I clearly remember the day he died and seeing that on TV. I enjoyed that movie, but most of his others are bad. I want to see My Own Private Idaho, but the library doesn't have it. A lot of the others he is in are just cold war movies, like Little Nikita or Sneakers, which I rented recently because I thought I remembered seeing it on TV. I thought it starred Johnny Depp and I expected a moment in the movie where he'd slide down the roof in hightops- does anyone know what movie that is?

Anyhow, enjoy your stay here- contribute, talk, blah blah blah! Uh...movies!

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