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OK folks. It all started when I acquired a TV that had no antennae, and with nothing to watch I started to take advantage of my local library that offers free video rentals. I've always loved movies, but am cheap too, so rather than going to the theatre to see an iffy film, I'd just find one on TV, flipping through the channels and finding one in its middle. This is still fun when I visit my family or friends with functioning TVs, but as an alternative I've been gobbling up random videos from my library's plentiful but limited collection.

I started renting movies I thought I'd never watch, and enjoyed some of them. Or I'd have a list in my head of things I'd want to check out but they'd be gone or I'd forget the mental list completely and just go for anything- often taking out the 4 video limit with all titles from the same letter.

It's fun, what can I say...so I decided to create a community to talk about these movies, and to get recommendations for stuff to check out, of course.

More recently I got on this 90's kick, because I kept seeing videos at the library I remembered coming out but never went to see. They have loads of these also, I think because it was during the 1990s that most libraries started collecting non-educational or non-'essential' films. I dug Singles, Reality Bites, checked out some of the View Askew productions which I thought were largely crap, especially DOGMA, which sucked! I hate religion in films mostly- except for uh...this movie Household Saints, it featured Lili Taylor as this spiritual daughter, Vincent D'Nofrio was in it...I like both of them as actors, I rented Mystic Pizza because I'd always see parts of it on TV, and it was cool to see it all together, and then I saw Dogfight in the racks and rented it because Lili Taylor was in it and so was River Phoenix, who for some reason I forgot about entirely but now am trying to rent all of his movies...most of them aren't very good. In the fall I rented Stand By Me because I'd hear people mention it and not know what it was about or even what River Phoenix looked like though I clearly remember the day he died and seeing that on TV. I enjoyed that movie, but most of his others are bad. I want to see My Own Private Idaho, but the library doesn't have it. A lot of the others he is in are just cold war movies, like Little Nikita or Sneakers, which I rented recently because I thought I remembered seeing it on TV. I thought it starred Johnny Depp and I expected a moment in the movie where he'd slide down the roof in hightops- does anyone know what movie that is?

Anyhow, enjoy your stay here- contribute, talk, blah blah blah! Uh...movies!
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