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Here is a community devoted to movies- anything really, but mostly narrative movies circulating around people's stories, forgotten, perhaps even forgettable films. The kind of movies you remembered coming out but never went to see, maybe it was on TV later, perhaps you only caught part of it- and more or less enjoyed it. A community dedicated to films fairly centered around reality (fuck Lord of the Rings, man!), character development, and simplistic stories...good stuff that somehow you accidentally find a way to relate it to your life, at random, and...it's all good. (OH- except movies set in the past before film was invented- like Braveheart or something...fuck Mel Gibson too).

Plain_Movies...maybe it sounds a little boring, but it's not...there's tons of little layers to investigate and talk about here! There's a fine line between everything that falls between spectacular and shitty...Let's talk about good movies that didn't get enough recognition or shitty movies that had a moment in them that made you think, or seemingly plain/standard movies that ended up blowing your mind!

Some very few examples of movies that fit this description if I fail to clearly convey what I mean to convey:

Breaking Away, Dogfight, Lost in Translation, Flawless, Being John Malkovitch, Your Friends and Neighbors, High Fidelity, Over the Edge, Joe the King, Medium Cool, Singles, Manhattan, Wayne's World, Buffalo 66, Full Metal Jacket, Virgin Suicides, Reality Bites, Punch Drunk Love, Bad Boys (the Sean Penn one, not Will Smith), The Man Who Knew Too Little, Get Crazy, Palookaville, Low Rider, Yours, Mine and Ours, Gummo, Boogie Nights, Just Married, Mystic Pizza, Beaches, Do the Right Thing, Pumpkin, Gattica, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, Straight Out of Brooklyn, Things Behind the Sun, Rushmore, Deerhunter, the French Connection, Rock n' Roll Highschool, Grandview USA, Unmarried Woman, Stand by Me, Dog Show, Dream a Little Dream, I Know My Name is Steven, Jungle Fever, Taxi Driver, Seconds, The Graduate, Best in Show, Running on Empty, Footloose, Household Saints, Tommy, I Love You, Alice B. Toklas, Grosse Point Blank, Harold and Maude, Manny and Lo, Jesus's Son, Tully, I'll Take You There, Hud, Annie Hall, as well as awesome foreign movies (especially French stuff, oh boy...), and of course WAY MORE!

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